Around the Writer’s Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance

Around the Writer’s Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance

(Mobile book) Around the Writer’s Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance

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Book Note : Discover the tricks that your brain uses to keep you from writingmdash;and how to beat them.Do you: Want to write, but find it impossible to get started? Keep your schedules so full that you donrsquo;t have any time to write? Wait until the last minute to write, even though you know you could do a better job if you gave yourself more time? Suddenly remember ten other things that you need to do whenever you sit down to write? Sabotage your own best efforts with lost files, missed deadlines, or excessive self-criticism?The good news is that yoursquo;re not lazy, undisciplined, or lacking in willpower, talent or ambition. You just need to learn whatrsquo;s going on inside your brain, and harness the power of brain science to beat resistance and develop a productive writing habit.In Around the Writerrsquo;s Block, Rosanne Bane– a creativity coach and writing teacher for more than 20 years– uses the most recent breakthroughs in brain science to help us understand, in simple, clear language, where writing resistance comes from: a fight-or-flight response hard-wired into our brain, which can make us desperate to flee the sources of our anxieties by any means possible.Banersquo;s three-part plan, which has improved the productivity of thousands of writers, helps you develop new reliable writing habits, rewire the brainrsquo;s responses to the anxiety of writing, and turn writing from a source of stress and anxiety into one of joy and personal growth.