With the new year comes new ventures! We will be expanding our pool base with more projects as well as branching out into other areas which we are excited about! We have been working on a Top Secret project for a while now and are getting close to ready to release it. More info will follow on that.

As always we want to thank you, the miners, because without you there would be no us. We do what we do out of an interest in the projects not for profits. Though we do try to make enough to pay for the servers that is not a priority. So if you are a coin dev and would like us to add a pool for your coin just contact us via Discord or Telegram and let us know! If you are a miner and would like us to add a pool for a coin you are interested in also please let us know. A few of our pools are there because of miners requesting them.

We would like to wish everyone a Wonderful and profitable 2019! May there be never-ending bull runs in all of our futures.