How to mine Alloy – Ultra Heavy Cryptonight Algorithm

Hello Miners!!! If you are wondering how to mine Alloy (XAO) you have come to the right page. First let’s start with, What is Alloy?

Alloy is a cryptonight ultra-heavy algorithm cryptocurrency that is a privacy-based coin like all cryptonight currencies. Why ultra-heavy? The devs chose to make it ultra-heavy to add a larger barrier to ASIC miners and rental miners in order to give the smaller home based miners a better chunk of the earnings.

So how do I mine Alloy?

To get started mining Alloy first you will need a wallet address. There are a couple of ways to get his done. First, is you can use Alloy’s official Paper wallet found at or you can download the Windows GUI wallets from their official github account found here at and for the CLI wallet here Once you choose and get your wallet address you can really get started.

Ok, I got my wallet address now what?

Next, you will need some mining software. Because Alloy uses a unique algorithm most mining programs might not work. To be sure that your miner will work we recommend using one of the official mining apps for Alloy

  1. MultiMiner can get you mining Alloy in just a few clicks and can be found here
  2. XMR-STAK Alloy found here
  3. or XMRIG Alloy for NVIDIA cards found here
  4. SRB Miner found here

Now that you have mining software you will need a pool. Choosing a pool will mean deciding a few things. Which pools are trustworthy, which pools best fit my needs? Should I choose a large pool or small pool? We, of course, recommend our pool here at but an official list can be found at

I started mining Alloy but it is mining slower than other CN coins.

Because Alloy uses an ultra-heavy algorithm you may experience slower hashing speeds than you do on other algorithms. On each of our AMD RX 580 8GB cards we are getting 450-500 H/s when on CN Heavy we normally get 1050 H/s and 1100+ on normal CN. But because there are no ASICs nor rented miners on the network you can find blocks solo mining at 1000H/s or less. at the time we are writing this the network hash rate for Alloy is only

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