A brand new MUTEX mining pool has been added today. https://mutex.multiminer.us

MUTEX Mining Pool

Stable Server in the East United States (NY)
Proven Payouts
Fast Payouts – 15 Minute Intervals
Low Pool Fees – 0.5%
Static Difficulty
Set your own payout threshold
SSL/TLS port
Support Tickets
Telegram bot will report via Telegram, when your worker is connected, disconnected or banned, and payments have been made to your wallet. Also, you can check pool stats directly from him.

Bot name: https://t.me/MutexMultiMinerbot

/stats – Pool statistics
/blocks – Blocks notifications (enable or disable)
/report address – Miner statistics
/notify address – Miner notifications (enable or disable)

Multiple addresses monitoring available.

**Experienced and Dedicated Admins**
Come mine with us @ https://mutex.multiminer.us