đź’™State of the Aeon (Friday, May 11th): smooth_xmr, moneromoo, and stoffu are all on board with the plan. We’re going to establish the new branch imminently, incorporate some bug fixes that even Monero doesn’t have in place yet, and should be able to fork by end of the month. (self.Aeon)

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I am well aware of the need to fork and fix the ASIC situation. So are the other heavyweights working on this project. In the recent IRC meeting we reached consensus that it would be okay to move to the new code base if we could also incorporate a critical bug fix from stoffu as well. Stoffu’s main objection was that he wanted to be sure moneromoo had a chance to look at the code first, and moneromoo mentioned in the irc that he has time in the upcoming days.

The only piece of the puzzle left was smooth being on board with the github repo and we just chatted – he is on board with the plan as well.

We will be meeting this Sunday at 2pm PT (on #aeon on freenode) to ratify all this. It should be a short meeting because I’ll be drinking, and there doesn’t sound like there’s much objection since all the major pieces are in alignment.

We should be able to fork by the end of the month, with a target of May 28th for block slippage (thanks to the clever person who suggested this in chat last night).

I really believe that was it everyone. That last hour we just got through? That was the darkest hour. The sun’s coming up, and it’s gonna take a little bit, but dawn is on the way for all of us.

We got this.