Here at we only build pools for coins we believe in. We research them, mine them, and invest in them. We could add 20 more coins to our pool selection but there are only so many new projects that are actually good projects. If we wouldn’t spend our hashpower or money on the coin we won’t build a pool for it. We get requests from coin devs and miners every week for us to add a pool for this coin and that, but we will only accept coins that meet our criteria.

  1. Solid project and development
  2. Active community
  3. A roadmap that makes sense
  4. ASIC resistant
  5. Not just a clone.

When a coin meets this criterion we will research the coin and talk to the developers and interact with the community and move forward with creating a pool.

If you are a coin developer and feel your coin would be a good fit for us feel free to contact us on discord or use the form below. If you would like to have your coin featured on the MultiMiner mining app you can contact us with the form below.