At the Block Height of 281000 X-CASH will fork to Cryptonight HeavyX, a custom algorithm

In order to mine this you will need to use a special version of XMR-STAK and XMRIG. They can be found here,

The reasons for the fork are due to a large amount of “unknown” hashrate that has been on the network. This is something that many Cryptonight v8 coins are suffering from including XMR. We should see a dramatic reduction in the amount of network hashrate due to this fork. With the hashrate reduction will come a lower network difficulty. So now may be a good time to hop on and mine up a large bag of X-CASH to prepare for the next big release for X-CASH which will include PoS.

If you are having trouble setting your miner up you can visit our getting started page which will auto-generate a config file for your miner. As always we are available on Discord and Telegram for support.


COO: X-CASH_PaulToday at 9:41 AM :xcash: IMPORTANT RELEASE 1.5.0: New custom algorithm CryptoNight Heavy X and wallet version :xcash: @ everyone This release brings our own unique Proof Of Work algorithm change (Cryptonight HeavyX), to try to prevent ASICs and or FPGAs from mining on the network. This will also mean we are now nicehash resistant. This is a mandatory update for everyone, whether you use the GUI or CLI, you need to update before block 281000 (Feburary 15, 2019 around 4.30PM Paris Time (GMT +1)) otherwise you will be on the wrong blockchain. The exchanges have been warned in advance and will resume normal operation soon. You don’t need to update if you use solely the web-wallet or cold wallets, but the service might be down during the update Because this is a new algorithm, we have create a new XCASH mining software (using foks from XMRig and XMR-Stack). Please go to the official [GitHub release]( to download the new miners from a trusted source. We have also updated the wallet to release 1.5.0 to match these changes. Please update your wallet software (CLI or GUI) before attempting to send new transactions. Please download only from our official [download page]( or our [GitHub release](