**CONGRATS to these winners of the ARHash.xyz One Million (1,000,000) XCA Giveaway!!!!!!!!**

The miner who found the 80,000th Block
Block found at height 80018 by miner XCA1Zsu…8YhqKsL! Waiting for maturity.

Miner XCA1Zsu…8YhqKsL won five hundred thousand (500,000) XCA for finding block 80,018!!!!

The five (5) random address from miners on the pool who won one hundred thousand (100,000) XCA each are:

XCA1hgn…qvA176x won 100,000 XCA!!
XCA1gwm…LvwKqey won 100,000 XCA!!
XCA1WZr…ce0b77c won 100,000 XCA!!
XCA1muu…GZSMTEx won 100,000 XCA!!
XCA1TmV…JECNunf won 100,000 XCA!!

Congratulations to these winners and Thank you for mining with https://xcash.arhash.xyz