XMR-Stak Helper v1.0.1

This was originally an idea I had for logging into the Silkroad Online server using the Bot369 bot cards to quickly login your game character(s) and your botcard in the pressing of just two keys.

What you need.

If you want to run the script directly, you will first need to install Autohotkey. I do have compiled binaries, but be warned that the script and the executable binaries will most likely set off your virus scanner with false positives You can read more about AHK False Postive

All you need to do from there is go to the Pool Info tab and set up your mining pool’s options Host/IP:PortWalletRig IDPasswordCurrency --noCPU--noAMD--noNVIDIA--nicehash, & --openCLVendor with the AMD & NVIDIA options to choose between on each of the four pool spots provided. You can set Port to check your status via web browser (ie: http://miner_IP:PORT). In the Directory Info tab you can set the XMR-Stak Executable Location by pressing the Browsebutton which also sets the XMR-Stak Folder.

you will have to press the OK Buttons provided on both tabs every time you change something to save any changes!

Please see XMR-Stak algorithm names for for help figuring out which one you should need to use.

Other Info

When you first run the script/executable, it will create a XMR-Stak-Helper.ini file for all the pool and stak configurations to be saved to.


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